Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tutorial Four

Occupational Deprivation

The task we were set to do was to work together in groups of three to plan and produce a short film which is approximately 1 minute in length. We could base our films around the one of the four concepts of either occupational justice, occupational deprivation, occupational transition or occupational disruption. We had to plan and storyboard the film before shooting and editing it.
Our group choose to base our film around the concept of occupational deprivation. This is a " transient or temporary condition of being restricted from participation in necessary or meaningful occupations, such as that caused by illness, temporary relocation, or temporary unemployment" (Advance in Occupational Therapy practice, 2011, para 2). Story boarding was important in the planning process as it is a method of visual storytelling which involves illustrating the sequence of events that make up a narrative. Scripting was also very useful as we could write down everything that will be in the film and everyone was clear on what was involved.

Advance in Occupational Therapy practice. (2011). Occupational deprivation. Retrieved from http://occupational-therapy.advanceweb.com/Article/Occupational-Deprivation.aspx

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