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Tutorial six: The internet and online communities

On line Communities:

On line community one: Stoke connection

  Provide a brief description of each community
• The Stroke connect forum is for anyone affected by stroke. Stroke Connect provides a safe place to build connections with others who have a similar experience, pose questions, find answers, stimulate new discussions, get information and share stories. It enables you to meet others affected by stroke without having to leave your home.
• The stroke connect on line communities is very interactive because there is a forum were members can talk to other members and get more information about strokes.
 • People can contribute to the forum by posting comments on the forum, stimulate new discussions and share stories.
. • People can contribute their personal experiences with strokes, whether from their own experiences or with their family members. They can share their own stories of their experiences or ask questions to stimulate new discussions.

 Consider material presented in the on line package.
• This is a very good website for people to make comments and contribute on because it is very interactive way to meet and talk to other people who have had a stroke. This can give people a sense of belonging and community. And also by posting comments you end up learning more from other people on the forum.
 • Members are seeking to build new connections, learn new information about strokes, share stories with others and ask questions.
 • The forum allows people to make posts and people are able to reply to those posts.

 Ethical issues that may arise in this community
• With all on line communities and especially on this forum of stroke connect there are some ethical issues around lack of identity as you can never be sure who you are talking to or if they are who they say they are. In posting on the forum accountability can be an issue.

 On line community 2: Stroke support group

Provide a brief description of each community
• The intended purpose of this site is to create a community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Stroke, together.
• This site is also very interactive as there is a stroke group discussion that people can post comments and read other peoples posts. There is also a forum with different topics about stroke that is available for members to use.
• People can contribute to the on line community by becoming a member and commenting on the group discussion or the forum.
 • Members can contribute their own personal stories, information they want to share or to communicate with other members, all relating to stroke.

Consider material presented in the on line package
 • I think that people who choose to contribute to this community are looking for an on line community to be a part of with other patients, family members, and friends dealing with stroke.
 • I think that members are seeking other people who are dealing with stroke and are looking to find mutual support so they feel a sense of belonging.
• The information is shared on a discussion forum and other members are able to comment and reply.

Potential ethical issues that may arise in this community
• Ethical issues that may arise include lack of identity of some members and accountability may also be a issue.

On line community 3: Inspire stroke support group

Provide a brief description of each community
• The intended purpose of this on line community is connecting patients who have had strokes and their caregivers, family and friends. Inspire connects patients, families, friends, caregivers and health professionals for health and wellness support. Inspire works with trusted health partners to build safe and secure health and wellness groups.
 • This community allows members to be interactive through an on line discussion forum where you can read other discussions and create your own discussions.
• People can contribute to the community by posting their own discussion and by replying on other peoples posts.
 • People can contribute any information or personal experiences they have had with strokes. Most common topic is new research done about stokes.

 Consider material presented in the on line package
• I think that people choose to contribute on this community so they can connect with other people who are affected in some way by strokes. This is not just patients but also the support network of those patients. It’s a great way to gain more knowledge and make connections with other people.
• People are seeking the opportunity to build on line relationships with other people affected by stroke and to gain support from people going through the same experience.

Potential ethical issues that may arise from this communities 
• Being on line communities comes with ethical issues especially around lack of identity of members and accountability may also be an issue. How my chosen sites address the relate to the concepts of occupational disruption and occupational justice
• Occupational disruption refers to “A transient or temporary condition of being restricted from participation in necessary or meaningful occupations, such as that caused by illness, temporary relocation, or temporary unemployment" (Advance in Occupational Therapy practice, 2011, para 2).People who have suffered from stroke may be experiencing occupational disruption and use on line communities to connect with others who are having the same experience.
• Occupational justice refers to “A state of prolonged preclusion from engagement in occupations of necessity or meaning due to factors outside the control of an individual, such as through geographic isolation, incarceration, or disability"(Advance in Occupational Therapy practice, 2011, para 2). People can use the on line communities as a way to socialise and build connections with people having similar experiences. Some people can become disabled from the effects of a stroke and may be unable to participate in the community any more .The on line communities offer a solution and a chance to interact in an on line community.

 Benefits and limitations these communities provide and relate to the traditional geographical communities
• Benefits:
• Can compliment traditional geographical communities
• Can provide large amounts of information
• Can provide connections over great distances instantly
• Ability to connect with people of similar interests
• Can foster understanding and unity

• Digital divide
• Delusional reliance on virtual communities which can affect their participation in traditional communities
• Rapid growth may result in unwanted or unperceived changes
• Limited communication tools
• Validity of information being shared


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